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Interesting Art and Design sites

Bored Panda

Bored Panda
Bored Panda Facebook

Demilked Facebook

Dark Roasted Blend

Dark Roasted Blend
Dark Roasted Blend Facebook


Art References and Influencers

Rosalie Gascoigne

The Art Collector
The Australian biography
Roslyn Oxley Gallery

Profound Australian artist of influence since 1970's

Anton Tapies

Tapies on YouTube
Tapies at the Tate
Anton Tapies Art In Pictures-the Guardian

Amazing 20th century Spanish artist

Anselm Keifer

Anselm and MOMA
Anselm on Artnet
Anselm- the Guardian

Both 2d and 3d works appeal, very gutsy

Colin McCahon

McCahon Collection
NZ On Screen Colin McCahon I Am

Paintings of words, text and texture

Alberto Giacometti

The Art Story Giacometti
Giacometti Founcdation
MOMA Giacometti Collection

Drawings and Paintings, very linear and gestural

Richard Serra

Serra Guggenheim Collection
Serra Paintings at MOMA
Serra's work - the Guardian

Both sculptures, paintings and drawings appeal for their sense of mass and solidity